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Can't Have It All

by LoveAlwaysWins

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ModernLife EP 2017


I live a lie, but how could I expect you to know
You think that I don't love it, and that you're nothing
But I'm just giving it out too slow
And not a word, but the ink was still on your face
You think that I don't listen and that I'm distant
And it's not just you
But how could you blame me?
You don't know what I've been through
Don't know sleep lately, or what I should do
And it's driving me insane
Till I'm outside of your place
And I'm screaming out your name
Yelling "I can't take this, and we can't have it all"

No we can't have it all
And you heard me through the walls
Yelling "I can't take this" and "and we can't have it all"

I can't believe it took so long to get my world to take you
I cannot see beyond these walls and it just hurts
When I pull teeth
And brush on thorns
And dig my feet into these bars
And and push my hands against these hearts
I'm just a man
But I can't live without these parts
And I can't stand without these complications
Taking my motivation

And I still need it
But I could never give you pieces of myself without a leash
So I could grab it back and keep it in this hell
In this high water
It's all my fault, but I don't mind I'll bear this cross
We only win if one side lost
I'll stay behind, or I'll just go
As long as I don't have to know
Just where you are when you leave here
And you don't speak to me so frequently
I came here in the rain
Never bothered to explain
Why I knew I couldn't stay
Because I can't take this and we can't have it all

No we can't have it all
And you heard me through the walls
Saying I can't take this and we can't have it all

(And I still need it...)


released December 28, 2016



all rights reserved


LoveAlwaysWins Brooklyn, New York

The studio project of Multi-Instrumentalist Jorge Laboy
marked by inventive melodies, endless instrumental layers and emotionally-charged lyrics expressing the mighty message Love. Always. Wins.

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